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Risk management services

Whether you are a large corporation looking for a sophisticated risk management solutions or a small business looking for a “fit for purpose” safety management solution or advice, we can provide you guidance every step of the way.


We offer a variety of risk management services to a wide range of industries. Our key focus is on customisation of risk management solutions to fit our client’s specific needs.

Our services include Risk Management Services, Health and Safety Management Services and Project Risk Management Services. We are also able to provide you with tailor made Training in all of these areas.

Whether you are a large corporation looking for a sophisticated risk management solutions or a small business looking for a “fit for purpose” safety management solution or advice, we can provide you guidance every step of the way.

No matter what your needs are, we have the experience and skills to provide you with exceptional service.

Our Owner and Senior Risk Consultant, Paul Peter is a Chartered Accountant with over 25 years of risk and safety management experience in the mining, construction, manufacturing and maintenance service industries world-wide.

Paul Peter

Risk Management Specialist

Paul has spent twenty years at Corporates working in the mining industry and lived in South Africa, The Netherlands and Australia. He was exposed to mining projects, commodity trading and business strategy risks across the world and has spent time on projects and assignment in the United States of America, Chile, Africa Singapore and Australia.

(Paul started his Corporate career twenty years ago working in the Mining Industry in South Africa, after which he moved to The Netherlands for 3 years and relocated to Australia in 2005. His exposure to mining projects, commodity trading and business strategy risks across the world has led to his invaluable knowledge in the industry. He has worked on many projects and assignment in the United States of America, Chile, Africa, Singapore and Australia.)

During this time, he gained core Risk Management knowledge and experience in the following fields:
√ providing Risk Management acumen to Executive Committees and Boards;
√ developing Risk Management frameworks;
√ selection, design and implementation of enterprise wide Risk Management application systems;
√ provision of Risk Management services to key multi-billion-dollar major capital projects;
√ provision of risk strategies and tools for strategic merger and acquisition projects;
√ risk facilitation workshops;
√ implementation of principal hazard Management Plans;
√ incident investigations and Root Cause Analysis;
√ treasury, marketing and trading back office operations;
√ participation in developing a Critical Control Framework for the Mining Industry       in Queensland Australia in conjunction with the University of Queensland

In 2016, Paul founded Auxilium One (Pty) Ltd and used his knowledge and experienced gained in the Mining Industry to provide Safety and Risk Management Consulting service to a range of other industries such as manufacturing, utility services, maintenance and engineering. In addition to Risk and Safety Management services he is also passionate to pass on his knowledge and experience through the development and training of Risk Management resources in organisations.

Paul’s key learning from his years of experience in the Risk and Safety discipline is that complexity and bureaucracy, causes Risk and Safety Management Systems to fail. His key philosophy and focus are therefore to keep it simple, practical and transparent.

Underpinning his practical experience, Paul holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Honors) in Accounting and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and South African Institute of Charted Accountants.

He is also working on attaining a Diploma in Work Health and Safety.

About Auxilium One Pty Ltd

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Risk Management Specialist

The problem with risk management in most companies is that the process and systems over time became so complex that organisations find it difficult to see the benefit and value that risk management brings to the organisation. Auxilium One can assist to ensure that the risk management focus is aligned to the business objectives and that the solutions and risk processes are fit for purpose, practical and understood by all levels in the organisation. We understand that each organisation is unique and that a “one size fits all” approach to risk management is not optimal.

We also realise that the world of risk is getting more complex due to the rapid rise of technology, real time information sharing, social networking and increased unpredictability of natural events. Traditional risk methodologies may not always be effective to meet the needs of a more connected, complex and disruptive world. Auxilium One can help organisations to navigate through unpredictability and complexity to become more resilient and assist organisation to prepare, withstand and recover more rapidly from disruptions.

We provide end-to end risk management solutions to organisations and believe that the key to success of a mature risk management program lies in how well critical controls are identified, implemented and monitored.

Auxilium One applies its own developed and proven methodology to identify critical controls through bow-tie analysis and the application of the hierarchy of controls. We work with organisations to develop and implement customised critical control field verification to assist Senior Management to understand the effectiveness of the control environment and to make informed decisions based on quality risk information.

Expert Risk Assessment Facilitation (Includes Business Strategies, Option Analysis, Bow-Tie Analysis and Uncertainty Matrix Analysis). Auxilium One has significant experience in facilitating risk assessments across a diverse range of topics such as:

√ Strategic Planning Assessments

√ Critical Equipment Replacement Strategies

√ Major Capital Programs

√ Emergency Management Plans

√ Natural Disaster Scenarios and Preparedness

√ Catastrophic Operational Safety Events (i.e. underground coal mine fire and explosion, loss of containment, vehicle accidents, fall of ground, etc.)

√ Complex Infrastructure (i.e. tailings dam storage facilities, overland conveyor systems, processing facilities, etc.)

√ Competitor Analysis (“war games”)

Review of Risk Management Programs, including assessment of risk maturity within a business and providing solutions and roadmaps to progress maturity over time. We will not only ensure compliance to ISO 31000, but will also ensure that solutions are practical, executable and align with business objectives and the organisations culture.

Development of Risk Management Frameworks, Policies and Procedures and assisting the organisation to embed these into the daily operations in a practical manner.

Development and review of Risk Registers. We ensure that the risk register do not just become a point in time reference document, but becomes a life tool to actively manage risk on a continues basis.

Development of Risk Reporting and monitoring protocols to embed Risk Management into organisations. Risk reporting must be concise, relevant and to the point, else it loses the attention of Senior Management.

Scoping, Selection and Implementation of Integrated Risk Application Systems. Auxilium One has worked with several organisations to implement risk application systems. We work with a number of risk application providers to select a fit for purpose system for your organisation and also have the knowledge and experience to implement and embed the system into your organisation.

Safety statistics continue to show alarming numbers of workers killed and seriously injured each year. Most of fatalities and serious injuries appear to occur around fall from heights, vehicle accidents, crush injuries and electrocutions in mainly the construction, manufacturing and maintenance industries(i.e. tradies, gardening, landscapes and equipment maintenance/service).

The Work Health and Safety Act requires businesses to comply to specific regulations and codes of practices to ensure work health and safety. It also holds the owner of a business (Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU)) accountable to ensure a safe work place.

Many businesses go down the track of either adopting a safety management system with generic safety documentation or over complicate their safety management system to the point where the system becomes incoherent, not relative to the specific industry and impossible to execute, maintain and/or proof compliance.

Auxilium One has the knowledge and experience to implement a fit-for-purpose, effective and sustainable safety management system irrespective the size of your business. Preventing injuries among workers will lead to an increase in productivity and effectiveness in your business. We will ensure that your safety system is practical, cost effective and aligns to your specific at-risk work activities. We also provide continues cost effective assurance and safety audit services to the business.


√ Advise Company Directors of Duties and Responsibilities under the Work Health and Safety Act and assist them in executing their accountabilities in a cost-effective manner.

√ Hazard Identification Studies. We assist to identify specific hazards and risks based on the activities of the business. We identify critical controls and ensure the controls are embedded into the execution of the day-to-day activities without burdening operators, supervisors or managers with unnecessary administration and red-tape that does not add value.

√ Development of fit for purpose Health and Safety Management Plans.

√ Development of activity specific Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS), Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Safe Work Instructions (SWI). These are all developed based on the hazard identification studies of your specific business activities.

√ Conduct Health and Safety Audits. It is important that managers and business owners receive feedback on the effectiveness of their safety management systems to ensure system integrity and legal compliance in the execution of their duties and responsibilities under the acts and regulations.

√ Independent Incident Investigation. We follow a range of incident investigation methodologies such as ICAM, 5 Why’s and Root Cause Analysis to assist businesses to understand the cause of incidents and accidents in order to prevent re-occurrence of events.

Projects are in general growing more complex due to the rapid rise of technology, real time information availability, social networking and increased unpredictability of natural events. Traditional risk management methodologies do not always work for projects as it is difficult to predict the control effectiveness of future controls. Auxilium One can assist projects to understand their risk profile and to navigate through unpredictability and complexity to become more resilient to unexpected changes.

√ Facilitate Project Risk Assessment Workshops.
√ Maintain Project Risk Register.
√ Link “Risk Actions” to the Project Schedule to facilitate integrated reporting and real time control monitoring.
√ Develop “Fit-for- Purpose” Risk Management Reporting.
√ Develop and Implement Risk Management Plans.
√ Writing Risk Chapters for Project Tollgate Progression.

Auxilium One has over 20 years risk management experience in the mining and construction industry. We specialise in risk assessment facilitation and risk management training to all levels within an organisation. Taylor made programs can be put together to match the risk management training and coaching needs of any organisation

Risk Management Coaching is delivered to individuals on a one-on-one basis in an individual’s actual work environment using real time and actual information, processes and systems. A typical coaching program for a Project Risk Management individual could be designed as follow:

√ Understanding the Risk Management Framework and Standard.
√ Planning a quality risk assessment .
√ Conducting an informed and engaged risk assessment workshop.
√ Presenting risk assessment workshop outcomes to participants and management.
√ How to link risk controls and actions to the project schedule and keep control owners accountable.
√ Using strategies to drive the residual risk rating of a specific risk down to an acceptable level.
√ Creating fit for purpose risk management reporting.
√ Keeping up to date with risk management trends, communities of practice and networking.

Our customers include companies such aS

BHP, Harmony Gold, Orica Ltd, Wafi Golpu JV, Lunar Mining Services, Broadacre Maintenance, Cartune Mechanics, etc.