Key Risk Management Services include:

Expert Risk Assessment Facilitation (Includes Business Strategies, Option Analysis, Bow-Tie Analysis and Uncertainty Matrix Analysis). Auxilium One has significant experience in facilitating risk assessments across a diverse range of topics such as:

√ Strategic Planning Assessments
√ Critical Equipment Replacement Strategies
√ Major Capital Programs
√ Emergency Management Plans
√ Natural Disaster Scenarios and Preparedness
√ Catastrophic Operational Safety Events (i.e. underground coal mine fire and explosion, loss of containment, vehicle accidents, fall of ground, etc.)
√ Complex Infrastructure (i.e. tailings dam storage facilities, overland conveyor systems, processing facilities, etc.)
√ Competitor Analysis (“war games”)

Review of Risk Management Programs, including assessment of risk maturity within a business and providing solutions and roadmaps to progress maturity over time. We will not only ensure compliance to ISO 31000, but will also ensure that solutions are practical,
executable and align with business objectives and the organisations culture.

Development of Risk Management Frameworks, Policies and Procedures and assisting the organisation to embed these into the daily operations in a practical manner.

Development and review of Risk Registers. We ensure that the risk register do not just become a point in time reference document, but becomes a life tool to actively manage risk on a continues basis.

Development of Risk Reporting and monitoring protocols to embed Risk Management into organisations. Risk reporting must be concise, relevant and to the point, else it loses the attention of Senior Management.

Scoping, Selection and Implementation of Integrated Risk Application Systems. Auxilium One has worked with several organisations to implement risk application systems. We work
with a number of risk application providers to select a fit for purpose system for your organisation and also have the knowledge and experience to implement and embed the
system into your organisation.