Training by Auxilium One

Risk Management Coaching

Risk Management Coaching is delivered to individuals on a one-on-one basis in an individual’s actual work environment using real time and actual information, processes and systems. A typical coaching program for a Project Risk Management individual could be designed as follow:

√ Understanding the Risk Management Framework and Standard.
√ Planning a quality risk assessment .
√ Conducting an informed and engaged risk assessment workshop.
√ Presenting risk assessment workshop outcomes to participants and management.
√ How to link risk controls and actions to the project schedule and keep control owners   accountable.
√ Using strategies to drive the residual risk rating of a specific risk down to an acceptable   level.
√ Creating fit for purpose risk management reporting.
√ Keeping up to date with risk management trends, communities of practice and   networking.

The Risk Coach will facilitate the end to end process for an actual risk assessment while the Risk Student will observe and learn. The Student will then follow the same process for another risk assessment while being observed and feedback provided by the Coach.  The Student will then have access to the Coach for a further six-month period to support the Students development and proficiency in the areas of coaching.

Risk Management Training is generally delivered to groups of 3 to 5 people over the cause of a day and will include risk methodology, company specific risk management standards, risk management processes and use of risk control verification tools and applications.